Saturday, August 27, 2005


Okay, not quite "winter", but we went from 85 degree weather down to 50 degrees in a matter of a day or two and are actually feeling like we are getting some sort of a fall season. Wow!
Tonight, Ken and I went to visit the father of a friend who is in the hospital and is not a believer. Please pray for his salvation! His name is Elio.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to the "Land of the Living"

After a weekend with two sick girls, I think we are finally getting back to good health. There have been many students, children and others that have been fighting colds, viruses and infections and, thus far, only two in our family have been ill. We pray that the "bugs" have had their fun and are on their way out the door!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Parents night out.

Parents of teenagers.

On Saturday, Ken was with a group of parents from one of our newest Club's churches. It was a great time with a small group of committed folks! We had a chance to share our ministry and the goals that we have for their kids. Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Meet the rest of the family.

Our discipleship group of seminary students.
Meet the rest of the "Collins Family". Our discipleship group of seminary students consists of six guys and six girls looking, oh so intelligent! They are a great group!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mariah - what a Godsend!
Meet the newest member of my teaching staff! Mariah is in her fourth year here at the seminary and was in our discipleship group two years ago. She is interested in missions, as well as homeschooling one day, if God chooses to give her children. What a surprise and blessing to me when she came today and asked if she could help me homeschool! What an answer to prayer! She will come three days a week to teach geography to Joshua. He is very excited!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

We are AWANA Cubbies, we're happy all day long!

Becky started AWANA today and had lots of fun! Here are just a few shots of the kids getting ready to go.

Our friend Edwin.

Mission Accomplished!!!

Yes, we thank the Lord for the good first week of school and that each of the four got all their lessons done, and done well. They worked hard and enjoyed the satisfaction of finishing the week well.
We had the the pleasure of receiving a visit from an ex-collegue, who has moved to another Word of Life ministry, and was out here visiting yesterday. We worked together on camp staff and he (Edwin) and his wife (Fabiola) are dear friends and missionaries! They are a young couple, have been the ministry for several years now and are, in faith, working to raise support. Please keep them in your prayers! If any of you would like information concerning them and their ministry, please let us know!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Iyke, Skype!

If any of you are really into the internet (and we really aren't although it might appear to be because of the blog) - you can try to hook up to us via SKYPE - It is a free download that let's you call from your computer to our computer for free, and is just like a real phone call! Our username is susanmariecollins. Just like you see it. All lower case and no spaces.
Look forward to hearing from you! Just don't call us in the morning, that's school time and the computer is in the school room. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Our little Becky


We are in full swing here! Homeschool is going well, the seminary students are back safe and sound, the kids' tennis, soccer, horse, piano lessons and practices are back in session and so we are up and running. God has been so good to give wisdom and patience in these first days back to our routine and for that we are very thankful!
Little Becky has an ear infection and popped a blood vessel in her hand from a fall and so we ask you to pray especially for her! She is a real tropper and hasn't let these minor setbacks keep her from her school work!

Monday, August 08, 2005

First day of School!

First Day of School
A day of firsts for the Collins' family as all four children are officially in school. Yes, Rachel is in 8th grade, Joshua is in 6th grade, Daniel is in 2nd grade, and our little Becky Joy has just begun kindergarten! Where have the years gone?! We would certainly covet your prayers as we enter this new stage of homeschooling!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Friday ~
Our last week day before starting school consisted of a trip to the Mercado Central in São Paulo. It is a neatly renovated building that houses a big fruit, vegetable, meat and cheese market. We had a fun time looking around and having a sampling of different sandwiches for lunch. Our trip ended with a detour (intentional) that took us to .... Wal-Mart! We enjoyed browsing the store, although no longer full of imported goodies, but did find some wonderful doughnuts and that was a treat! What a day!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Green Team from Boca ~
It has been a little less than a week that I left the green team in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, to be with my family in Atibaia. Thanks guys, for the great time ministering together! I know you are safe and sound back in the US. Eat a taco or two for me!

Keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Yassine and Khalid
Today, these two arabs arrived at our doorstep. Yassine, the one on the right, has been our friend for nearly 2 years. Khalid is his friend. They are both from Morrocco. We have been spending the day helping them settle into an apartment close by. If you want more information regarding them, contact us.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Josh's line up- I mean passport picture

Today we spent the day in Sao Paulo getting passports for our children. Getting the American passports for Josh, Daniel and Becky was no problem. The only rough part was the price. WOW!

We then left to get our Brazilian passports - this is always an experience and you can always expect something to test your faith and patience! It's the hot water in the cup that reveals what is in the tea bag. God, in His sovereingty, allows the heat to be turned up so that we can see what is in our hearts. Dealing with Brazilian bureaucracy is always a time of confession and repentance. Anyway, when asked to present my Brazilian ID, I couldn't find it. It must have slipped out of my wallet, through a hole I did not notice until now. The Lord planned for us to get the Brazilian passport another day. But first, I must either find my ID or get another one, which will require another trip to Sao Paulo.

Despite this small setback, we had a good time with the kids, got to try out Burger King and even found some bagels at a small shop. Both real treats for Americans!

Thank the Lord for His protection on the roads.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Our family- in order according to age - Rachel, Joshua, Daniel and Becky. Susan is the looker in the back and I'm the big guy up front.

The Yellow team. Working hard?

Yellow team and campers Posted by Picasa

A couple of weeks ago our home church in Boca Raton, Florida sent 63 members on a short term mission's trip to Brazil. They divided into 3 smaller groups. The yellow team spent a week with us at our camp in Atibaia. What a treat! The 23 team members worked hard in the kitchen and, in their free time, taught seminars, shared the love of Christ, and basically made everyone fall in love with them. They did a great job of adapting to the culture. We also got to go to a public school and play and share with about 100 school children. We ate pizza and had our full of Brazilian steak. Thanks team! You are great and were a real encouragment to everyone on our staff. It was a tearful good-bye for Americans and Brazilians alike.

Dickson and Cathy Chan- His 50th Birthday party here in Brazil - Great food and great time. Happy Birthday! Posted by Picasa

On Saturday, the 30th, I met with our Clubs' missionaries for 3 hours in the morning. It was a great time seeing what God is doing through the lives of missionaries in the different regions of Brazil. Our family then hurried off to Sao Paulo to celebrate Dickson Chan's 50th birthday at an all-you-can-eat steak house. They are called Churrascarias. Dickson lives in California with his wife and 4 boys but has made several missions' trips to Brazil. He and I grew up together here in Brazil and have great stories of our youth. This time he brought a group of 25 to help him celebrate his 50th in style! Actually, they worked hard at our camp in Porto Alegre and then at a church in Sao Paulo. We only got to see him for one day, but it was great. Thanks to the group and for all the goodies they brought us!