Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another week....

We thank the Lord for another week in His constant care! Ken finished his second week of masters' classes and, once again, is thankful for the opportunity to learn and study God's Word! I was able to share a bit of my heart as a missionary with a Sunday School class of Seniors and that was a great privilege!
Please continue to pray:
1. Ken's third and final week of masters' classes in California.
2. Schooling for Rachel and Joshua. We are still waiting on the decision as to whether or not the christian school will have middle and high school. Possible "interviews" at public schools next week.
3. The kids and I travel to California on Wed. (26th) to be with Ken and after he finishes his classes on the 29th, we will travel and visit family, friends, and supporters out there.
We do covet your prayers and continue to thank you for your faithfulness in support of our ministry through your love, prayers, letters, and giving! God certainly has blessed us in many ways and we thank Him for that!


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