Thursday, July 06, 2006

Temporarily Out of Service

Yes, we are still around, but haven't had internet hook-up or phone yet and so have been temporarily out of service in updating our blog. It's late and Ken will be leaving very early tomorrow morning and taking the computer so I can give a quick update......until further notice.
1. Ken leaves Fri. 5:30am to his master's classes in California. He will be gone 3 weeks before the kids and I meet up with him out there. Please for all the traveling that will take place and Ken as he studies!
2. We arrived at our "new home" in Indiana last Wednesday (6/28) and hit the ground running. We are thankful for the beautiful mission's home provided, the food shower given which filled our cupboards, and many warm welcomes!
3. 7/13 is Daniel's 8th birthday and praise the Lord for his life. He is a quite sad that Daddy will not be here, so pray for him! We will do something fun and special for that day!
4. Pray for the kids as they are meeting new kids and will be making some new friends. That our children will be good friends and that they will make good friends!
I know the blog is much more fun with pictures and I do have quite a few to add, but that will have to wait a bit more. Please keep checking in on us! Thank you for all your love and prayers!


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