Sunday, July 16, 2006

Up and running.....more or less

I do now have a computer at our home and can give written updates, but do not know where the cord is to hook up our digital camera to give you pictures. Sorry, that will have to wait until Ken returns!
1. Ken finished his first week of classes and is doing well. We all miss him!
2. Daniel had a fun-filled birthday and loved every minute of the day - thank for praying for that!
3. We continue to thank the Lord for the beautiful home he has provided for us here and for the friendly welcomes of everyone!
4. The boys have been involved in tennis camp and are having fun with that!
5. The kids have participated in "fun runs" at a local park on Thursday evenings!
6. Susan was asked and able to share a bit of ministry in a Senior's S.S. class at church!

Please be in prayer....
1. Ken's second week of classes.
2. Continual opportunities to meet christian people and children to "be friends" during this year.
3. Uncertainty of our christian middle school (Josh) and high school (Rachel) being open this year. The school has and is experiencing financial difficulties, as well as low enrollment and may have to close both. We are seeking God's direction for schooling!
4. Wisdom in teaching and training our children to desire to please God! That we might be godly examples to them!


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