Sunday, May 28, 2006

Prayer - Praises & Requests

Praise God:
1. Three of the four children have finished school!
2. We have renters for our home!
3. Ken's knee does NOT need surgery!
4. Protection as Ken traveled on weekends!

Continued Requests:
1. Rachel as she finishes school this week.
2. Ken's knee has bad arthritis and does need to follow doctor's orders.
3. Our Clubs director will sell our car AFTER we leave.
4. We are still needing to raise funds for Ken's master's classes.
5. Adaptation as we travel and live in the States for the year.

New Requests:
1. Counseling Conference being held here this weekend - Pastor Steve Viars from Lafayette, IN. is the guest speaker, along with David Smith from The Master's College (also ex- WOL missionary here).
2. Garage sale we will be having this Tuesday (5/30).
3. "Last minute errands", doctor's visits, dentist appointments, and activities.
4. Good-byes are never easy......pray for each of us as we deal with that in a different way.


Anonymous Mariah said...

Olá, família!!!
A essa hora vcs devem estar dormindo um pouquinho no avião, descansando depois da correria de preparar tdo...
Infelizmente naum pude falar tchau pessoalmente, mas gostaria de dizer q vcs são mto especiais pra mim e que farão muita falta!!! Oro por vocês e peço que Deus prepare um tempo mto preciso aí nos Estados Unidos! Mesmo mão estando tão de perto vcs marcaram mto a minha vida e espero que Deus os use também aí na outra América!
Um abraço!!

11:27 PM  

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