Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Owl"- Nighter

The first Clubs' event of the year is our annual all-nighter! This year, we had about 450 teens and youth leaders (from 15 different churches) participate in this special evening which consisted of sports, food, time in the Word, training sessions, nocturnal games and competitions, and lots of fun! Our staff had set aside a time to meet with and encourage the leaders (pictured), as well as listen to them share, and a time of prayer for one another. The teens had the opportunity to choose from training sessions such as "how to prepare a 10 minute devotional", "creative evangelism", "how to prepare a musical presentation", "how to prepare and share a Bible story", as well as several other options. We praise the Lord for a great night of fun and learning, as well as 6 visitors who accepted Christ as Savior!


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