Sunday, July 31, 2005

We've had a great month, but very busy serving others and the Lord. Two days after celebrating the 4th of July, with American friends about 2 hours from us(see picture), we headed 18 hours south of here to Word of Life - Porto Alegre. The roads were terrible and one day, we waited for about 3 hours on the side of the road while they were exploding some rocks about a mile ahead. We did break the trip into two days and so we spent the first night in a very nice hotel on the beach in Florianopolis. It was our place for the evening. Literally! We were the only people checked in. We had a great time using the indoor pool and then got started after a great continental breakfast.

We had a fantastic time at Word of Life's beautiful property. I was the main speaker for about 200 teenagers and staff. There were 32 kids who acknowledged Christ as Lord and Savior. Our stay was brief and we made the same trek back home, stopping at the same hotel and not stopping this time for any blasts on the road. PTL!


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